There will be times when you want to run quick practice sessions without going through an entire course. The Practice options allow you to quickly configure a practice session and begin shooting with minimal effort. 

Load Target

Loads a pre-saved DART target to use in a practice session.

Like courses, DART targets can be saved in different folders inside the DART Data/Targets directory. Once you select a folder by clicking on it, a list of targets contained in the selected folder appears. Once you select a target, a preview image of the target will be displayed. Click the Load button at the bottom of the dialog window to load the selected target.


The Settings options allow you to set quick parameters for your practice session such as the maximum number of shots and time allowed and initial target distance. 

Shots Allowed

Sets the maximum number of shots allowed up to 50. Moving the slider all the way to the left (0) will give you an unlimited number of shots.

Time Allowed

Sets the maximum amount of time (in seconds) allowed up to 120. Moving the slider all the way to the left (0) will give you an unlimited amount of time.


Note: Your practice session will end once either of these limits is reached. Practice sessions with an unlimited amount of time and ammunition will never end. This type of practice is useful, but will not provide an after action review screen as described below.

Target Distance

Sets the initial distance of the target between 3 and 25 yards.


Note: You can control the distance of the target during a practice session by using the Side Menu targets described below.


Sets a countdown before the start of a practice session between 1 and 9 seconds. Setting the countdown slider to zero will prevent a countdown from being shown.

Side Menu

Toggles the display of the side target menu so that it is displayed on the left side of the screen, the right side, or off completely. The side menu allows the shooter to control various aspects of the range.

+1 / -1 – moves the target forward or backwards one yard. Target movement is restricted to a range of 3 to 25 yards.

+5 / -5 – moves the target forward or backwards five yards.

Zoom – instantly brings the target forward. This makes it easier to see shot locations which may be difficult to see depending upon target range and color.

Reset – clears all bullet holes from the target and resets the practice session.


Note: The side menu is intended for use during practice sessions. It is automatically hidden whenever a Course is run. 

Start Practice

Runs a practice session as defined by the Settings options.

After Action Review

Clicking the Action Review button will open the After Action Review of the last completed practice session. Once a practice session ends, an After Action Review will automatically appear. The After Action Review allows you to step through each shot of the session and view shot placement, timing, and score. Shots are shown as colored circles which reflect the color of the target zone they hit.

Practice Column

Displays the final course score and the total time of the practice session.

Shots Column

Shows the total number of shots taken and the number of hits and misses.  A miss is defined as any shot that does not strike a target zone.

Target Column

Displays the name and size of the currently selected practice target.

Shot Detail Column

Displays the number, timing, and target distance for the currently selected shot. Also displayed are the shot score and whether the shot was a hit or miss. 


Note: Bullet hole circles are only shown for shots that hit a target zone. It will not show shots that miss the target completely. 



Saves a JPG image of the target currently being reviewed along with its associated shot markers. The image will be saved in the DART Data/Results folder and will include the date and time the course was run in the image name.


Closes the After Action Review window. You can reopen the After Action Review window of the last completed course by selecting the Action Review button at any time.


Displays basic help information for the options found in the Practice menu.


Displays information about the program's version number and a link to this website containing program documentation.