DART Experience automatically runs a course of fire called Single.crs when the Shooter 1 Ready button OR Shooter 2 Ready button is shot.

If both the Shooter 1 Ready AND Shooter 2 Ready buttons are shot within 5 seconds of each other, the Dual.crs course file will be run.

Each of these courses can be found in the \DART Data\Courses\Experience folder. 

You can change virtually everything about these courses including rules, requirements, targets, graphics, and scoring using DART Studio. Simply load the course to change in Studio, make your changes, and resave the course using the same name. 

Important! You must use the name Single and Dual for courses you want to use in DART Experience. In addition, they must be saved in the \DART Data\Courses\Experience folder. 

Note: While you can use DART Creator to make changes to the Single shooter course, you cannot use it to change the Dual course. This is because DART Creator is limited to a single target per stage and the Dual course uses two targets.