DART Creator and Studio allow you to modify existing targets and save them using a new target name. In this way, you can change the size, scoring values, and audio files associated with a target.

It is also possible to create a completely new target with new graphics and zones, but it requires a third-party graphics or paint program such as Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. If you decide to create your own targets, DART has a few technical requirements to keep in mind.


The size of a target and target zone image should be no more than 2,000 pixels wide and 1,000 pixels high. A good image size for a typical 3’ x 2’ target would be 650 pixels wide x 1,000 pixels high. The width and height of the target’s zone image must match the width and height of the corresponding target image.


Target and target zone images must be saved in PNG format. DART will not recognize other formats such as JPG.

Zone Colors

DART uses specific RGB values for zones colors. It will not recognize zones that do not contain these precise color values.

  • Red: 255, 0, 0
  • Blue: 0, 0, 255
  • Green: 0, 255, 0
  • Magenta (purple): 255, 0, 255
  • Yellow: 255, 255, 0
  • Cyan (aqua): 0, 255, 255
  • White: 255, 255, 255
  • Black: 0, 0, 0

Note: Black is generally reserved for the target background. It can still be assigned a score value but generally should not be used to define a target zone.