If you want to jump right in and begin using DART Trace, this section is for you.

First, you must make sure that Trace is calibrated properly. Calibration in DART Trace is identical to calibration in DART Range. If you need help, see the section on Calibration. You should also make sure that you are using the laser training weapon that came bundled with your DART.

  • Run the program by clicking the DART Trace icon. 
  • Once the program opens, click the hamburger icon at the bottom left of the screen to open the main menu bar.
  • For this walkthrough we will use the default target, so click Course Options and Run Course.
  • Activate your laser pistol by pulling and releasing the trigger. Even though you do not see the laser, it should be on. You can test this by pointing the gun at the screen. A red circle at the bottom right of the screen will turn on whenever the program detects a laser.


Note: If the trigger is not pulled within 35 seconds, the laser will deactivate. This helps extend battery life.

  • If you do not see the red circle, or if the red circle is always on even if the pistol is not pointed at the screen, make sure that the program is calibrated correctly.
  • Take your time and aim at the center of the target. When ready pull the trigger to fire a round. You should hear a gunshot and see a hole in the target at the location of the shot.
  • Aim and fire another shot. You may fire up to ten.
  • When you are finished shooting, put the gun down and click the STATS tab at the top right of the screen. The Stats panel will slide open with analysis of the shots just taken.
  • Read the STATS Panel section of this user guide for an explanation of the gauges and options.


Note: Trace is not intended to analyze rapid shots. To get the most useful information, make sure that there are at least three seconds between shots.