DART is a next-generation firearms training simulator that combines a computer, powerful 3D software, and laser-equipped training weapons to provide training and practice opportunities beyond a live-fire range. While DART is not intended to replace live-fire or simunition training, it does offer a number of unique benefits.

The basic DART package includes the DART computer (including the DART software, keyboard, mouse, etc.), projector, and laser training weapon.

The Need for DART

For many law enforcement departments, firearms training involves quarterly or semi-annual trips to the firing range where the focus is on qualification. And if you are instructed in new skill sets – such as weak hand shooting, unorthodox firing positions, or tactical maneuvers – practicing those skills just a few times each year isn’t enough to drive confidence and make them second nature.

In other words, you aren’t able to practice and improve.

The DART firearms simulator solves this problem by allowing your department to practice vital firearms skills with unmatched frequency. That’s because it can be set up in virtually any indoor room and it’s easy enough to use without a dedicated software admin. Between visits to the range, you’ll be training in a cutting-edge environment that doesn’t require travel, time off or ammunition to use. And because it’s completely safe, you’ll be able to practice skills that are prohibitive in a live-fire range.

DART offers even more training opportunities than other simulator systems because it can be used where large simulators can’t and costs a small fraction of larger systems – allowing you to easily afford enough systems to support your entire department. Simply put, DART provides more frequent training, reduced training costs, and lower overall liability.