The DART Creator interface is divided into four sections: the Info Bar, Navigation Panel, Menu Selection Bar, and Command Panel.

Info Bar

DART courses of fire are made up of one or more stages. The Info Bar at the top of the screen helps to keep track of the stages used in a course and displays the current course and stage number on the left side and information about the currently selected stage on the right side. 

In the center section, you are able to add, delete, and move between the various stages of your course. Each course may have up to 30 stages. 

Navigation Panel

Targets can be easily moved around in DART using the mouse and/or fields in the Navigation Panel at the top of the screen. The Navigation Panel will automatically appear when you are in the Targets/Path section of the program.

Menu Selection Bar

The Menu Selection Bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to move between the three main sections of DART; Courses, Stages, and Targets.

Each section has its own commands. For example Course commands affect the entire course. Stage commands apply only to the selected stage. Target commands affect targets.

Tip: you can use function keys F1-F3 to quickly move between selections.

Command Panel

Many menu items have multiple options which are controlled in the Command Panel. For example, selecting the Settings option in the Courses menu opens a Command Panel with controls for scoring, simulating (or previewing) a course, and importing/exporting course data.

Dialog Windows

Some menu options will open a dialog window when selected. For example, clicking Load in the Courses menu opens a dialog for selecting courses previously saved on the system.