Props are 3D objects that can be loaded and moved around to create an endless number of settings. Props can be as simple as a single wall or as complex as a building. The Props menu includes commands for loading and positioning props, adjusting prop settings, and saving groups of props as scenes.

Note: Prop options are only available within DART Studio. DART Creator can load courses with props, but it cannot modify or add new props.

Load Prop

Loads a prop into the currently active prop slot as selected in the top Info Bar. Each stage can have up to 30 props.


Each prop has two user-defined settings; Prop Penetration and Prop Light Brightness. The Settings options allow you to customize these settings. 

Prop Penetration

Defines whether bullets are allowed to pass through a prop. If you want to allow bullets to pass through a prop, select Allowed. If you want a prop to stop all bullets, set the Prop Penetration button to Not Allowed.

Prop Light Brightness

Controls the brightness of a prop’s light if it has one. Higher values mean brighter light, which affects scene lighting, shadows, etc. A setting of zero effectively turns off a prop’s light. Props without lights will not be affected by this setting.

Note: Some props have multiple lights. In this case, the Prop Light Slider affects all lights in a prop equally.

Saving a course will save prop settings for all props in all stages of your course.

Note: the Settings menu will be inactive if there are no props in the selected stage. Adding a prop will activate the Settings menu.


You may spend time loading and placing several props to form hallways, rooms, buildings, etc. In this case you may want to save this group of props for later or use them in other stages or courses. The Scene commands help you do this.

Load Scene

Loads a previously saved scene file. Loading a scene file will erase all other props in the current stage (if any) and replace them with the props contained in the scene file.

Save Scene

Saves all props in the current stage as a Scene. The Scene file can then be loaded into other stages or courses using the Load Scene option.

Try This!

  1. In DART Studio start with a new course.
  2. Go to the Targets section by pressing the F3 key.
  3. Click the Motion button at the bottom of the screen and move the Starting Position slider to 100. This will move the target out of the way while we work with props.
  4. Go to the Props section by pressing the F5 key.
  5. From the top Info Bar click the Add button to add a prop to your scene. Adding a new prop always creates a blank wall by default.
  6. You will notice that the Settings option has been selected at the bottom of the screen and the Navigation Bar is visible at the top. 
  7. Click and hold the left mouse button on the prop and move your mouse around. You can easily move the prop front to back and left to right.
  8. Now click and hold the right mouse button on the prop and move your mouse forward and back. This moves the props up and down.
  9. Continue to hold the right mouse button down and move the scroll wheel on your mouse. This rotates the prop.

You can also use the Navigation Bar to precisely place props.

Try This!

  1. Left-click the mouse on the numbers under Horizontal in the top Nav Bar. Enter -9 and press Enter.
  2. Use the same method for changing Distance to 30, Height to 0, and Rotation to 0.
  3. Click the Add button at the top of the screen.
  4. Click the Add button once more and set Horizontal position to 9. The wall props are nine feet wide, so making the position of the three walls nine feet apart creates a continuous wall.
  5. Click the Previous button at the top of the screen to select the middle prop. Notice how it becomes outlined when selected.
  6. Click the Load Prop button at the bottom of the screen and select the prop named Door Lit. The door prop will take the place of the old wall prop.
  7. Notice that this prop has its own light. Move the Prop Light Brightness slider to see how the slider affects the prop in your scene.