This lesson describes creating a basic course using a single 2D target in DART Creator or DART Studio.

In this lesson we'll create a simple course with a single target that travels from 25 yards away to 3 yards away. The screenshots show DART Studio but the steps in this lesson will also work for DART Creator.

Start DART Studio. You will see the default screen similar to the one shown below.

The first thing we want to do is select a new target for this stage, so click the menu button at the bottom left of the screen and select Targets.

As a shortcut you can also press the F3 button.

Click the Load button on the Targets menu bar.

The Load Target dialog window will appear. The column on the left side of the dialog shows all the target folders available. All of the B-21 targets are stored in the B-21 folder. The B-27 targets are in the B-27 folder, and so on.  

We want to load a B-21 target, so click the B-21 folder at the top left. All of the available B-21 targets are shown in the second column.

Click the B-21E Anatomy target. A preview of the target will be shown to the right.

Click the Load button at the bottom right of the dialog window to load the target. The B-21 Anatomy target is now in your scene. Let’s cause it to move from the back to the front.

To do this click the Motion button on the Targets menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

We need to specify how long it will take the target to travel from 25 yards away to 3 yards away. The more time we give the target to travel the distance, the slower it will move. We’ll do this with the Travel Time slider.

For now, let’s set the Travel Time slider to 1. This means that the target will take 1 second to travel the full distance. 

Now would be a good time to preview the motion of the target. Do this by clicking the Preview button on the right side of the screen and selecting One Target from the pop-up list. 

That’s pretty fast, so let’s slow the speed down. Also, the target is traveling from the front to the back. We need to adjust the direction so that it travels from the back to the front, but let’s adjust the speed first.

Set the Travel Time slider to 4. This will give the target 4 seconds to travel along the path. 

Preview the motion this by clicking the Preview button again and selecting One Target – or use the preview shortcut and press the 3 key.

Now that the speed is fixed, let’s adjust the direction of travel.

Notice the Starting Position and Ending Position sliders. They define what portion of the path your target will travel along. Currently the Starting Position is set to 0% (the very beginning of the path), and the Ending Position is set to 100% (the very end of the path).

To make the target travel in reverse, set the Starting Position slider to 100 and the Ending Position slider to 0 as shown above. Press the 3 key to preview the target’s motion. The target should now be starting at 25 yards away and moving to 3 yards away over 4 seconds.

Let’s save this course. To do that, click the menu button and select Courses. You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing the F1 key.

Under the Courses menu, click Save.

In the Save Course window, type "Sample Course" and click the Save button or simply press the Enter key.

That’s it! You’ve created and saved your first course; and used all of the features found in the Motion menu. Next we'll learn how to add multiple stages and rules to a course.